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About Gulf Aluminium Co.


To cater to the specific requirements of the customer satisfying their needs by way of product and services. The stability of our future largely depends on our ability to plan and focus on specific goals, and to communicate those goals from management down to each employee.


Be a solutions provider to offer all customers a high level of service, constant and consistent quality merchandise, reliability and optimum after sales support.


Ethics is the forefront of our dealings. We value each job, each relationship as a trust.


We set high standards in our performance. We strive our best for the best... every time, everywhere.


For us, nothing is unattainable when people work together in singleness of purpose. We see each other as team members, with abilities to share for the success of every project.

Continuous Improvement

Our expertise is seasoned by our ability to adapt to new environment and technologies, as well as to re-invent our work systems to meet new challenges.

GALCO Projects

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aluminum fabrication companies in doha
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aluminum fabricators in doha
powder coating services in qatar
powder coating services in doha

Online QC Checking QCI checks the loads for conformation to quality standards. And records the values in Online Quality Inspection Report GALCO-QC/03 and in Online Quality Read

aluminum fabricators in qatar

Jigging The transferred materials are opened (unbundled) and checked by the Jiggers for damages and for determining the type of cleaning requirement. Read

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Pre Treatment
Stage 1- Alkaline Etch (AD De Greaser/Etcher ´┐ŻAlkaline Medium) The Degreaser/Etcher removes the Rust, dirt, oil etc on the sections Read

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Powder Coating is applied automatically with automatic guns and the operator provides manual touch up (Optional) if required at Faraday cage areas and or on complex sections Read

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Curing The powder coating oven will be set so as to achieve a temperature of 200 degrees on the metal for 10 minutes. The Powder Coated Loads passes through Read

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Off loading After curing, the Loads are offloaded by Offloading personnel and transferred from the conveyor to the unloading Jacks. Read