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Gulf Aluminum exclusively undertakes Powder coating application jobs on Steel and Aluminum as per the details given below:-

  • Colors and other specifications offered.
  • Standard RAL colors and special color matching as per customer requirements.
  • Powder Grade PE-F, PE-SDF, Durasol.
  • Surface Finishes like Matt, Semi gloss, High Gloss, Textured, Grit finish etc.
  • Apart from coating Mill finish sections, we also undertake Recoating, De - Anodizing and coating, Stripping and coating, Sandblasting and coating Mild steel, Etc.
Work Force

Fully equipped with state of the art modern machinery equipments with health and safety precaution provisions in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 as certified.

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aluminum fabrication companies in doha
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aluminum fabricators in doha
powder coating services in qatar
powder coating services in doha

Online QC Checking QCI checks the loads for conformation to quality standards. And records the values in Online Quality Inspection Report GALCO-QC/03 and in Online Quality Read

aluminum fabricators in qatar

Jigging The transferred materials are opened (unbundled) and checked by the Jiggers for damages and for determining the type of cleaning requirement. Read

metal coating company in doha

Pre Treatment
Stage 1- Alkaline Etch (AD De Greaser/Etcher ´┐ŻAlkaline Medium) The Degreaser/Etcher removes the Rust, dirt, oil etc on the sections Read

aluminum powder coating in qatar

Powder Coating is applied automatically with automatic guns and the operator provides manual touch up (Optional) if required at Faraday cage areas and or on complex sections Read

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Curing The powder coating oven will be set so as to achieve a temperature of 200 degrees on the metal for 10 minutes. The Powder Coated Loads passes through Read

powder coating companies in doha

Off loading After curing, the Loads are offloaded by Offloading personnel and transferred from the conveyor to the unloading Jacks. Read